The administrator of website, a non-profit organization Fairwood z.s. (FSC Czech national office – hereinafter referred to as FSC ČR) respects your privacy and processes your personal data in accordance with the law. Below, you can find a more detailed info about the nature of the personal data that FSC ČR collects, and for what purpose.

FSC ČR, residing at Kounicova 42, Brno, Czech Republic, is the administrator of personal data that you have submitted to us either via the newsletter subscription form, an application form for one of FSC ČR organized events, the player registration form for Lesaria flash game or via any other form that you have submitted on

Personal data collection and its purpose

FSC ČR may ask you to submit your personal data for various purposes, such as for the newsletter subscription, your registration as an attendee for one of FSC ČR organized events or on other such occasions. We process the collected data in the extent necessary for the fulfillment of the activity for which the data was submitted to us, as well as for the purposes listed below.

The data that you submit to us may be used in the future to establish additional communication with you for the purpose of proposing further support and/or cooperation with FSC ČR. This includes contacting you via means of electronic communication such as email. The above mentioned includes all personal data submitted to us via the website.

By submitting your email address for our newsletter subscription, you will become a member of our list of recipients and receive the newest issue of our newsletter on a regular basis via email. As part of the newsletter subscription we also ask you to share your name and profession with us to be better able to determine the structure of our newsletter recipient group in order to tailor the content of the newsletter based on the needs of its target group.

As part of the process of applying for one of our events, we may ask you to provide us with various contact details such as your name, email address, phone number, profession, reason for attendance, etc. We will use these details in further communication with you regarding the organization of the event that you have applied for.

If you wish to cancel your subscription to FSC’s newsletter, news or event mailout you can always do so by sending an email request to

Third party data sharing

FSC ČR will not share your data with a third party.

Inquiries and data correction

You can send your questions regarding data protection via email to The same email address can also be used to request your personal data correction or further information on how we process your data. In this case, we will require you to confirm your identity.


In order to allow you to fully utilize the features of our website, it will sometimes contain links to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The content of these links is not an internal part of our website and is administrated by third parties which may be using cookies to track your on-line activity. Third party cookies are regulated by different data protection policy than this website. You can block cookies completely in your internet browser preferences section.

To analyze the number of visitors to our webpage we use Google Analytics. This service uses cookies to automatically collect anonymous data about visitors in order to create statistical summaries.

Data processing period

FSC ČR will generally store your personal data for 5 years after it was collected or after the end of the event for which the data was provided.

FSC ČR employs sufficient technical and organizational measures to protect the collected personal data. Our employees are bound by confidentiality duty. The access of our employees to the collected personal data is restricted to an extent that is relevant for fulfilling their work duties.

Changes in data protection policy

The information listed here is subject to regular revisions from FSC ČR. Please visit this data protection policy page regularly to keep yourself updated about the current version of our policy.

Last revision: 27.5.2020