Stand up for the forests
in our new strategy game!

Find out if you have what it takes to be a good forest manager! Every player in Lesaria has a forest of his own placed into his management to take care of and keep healthy. It may sound easy but trust us, the life of a forester is no walk in the park! Be prepared to stand up to the challenge of well-timed tree planting and felling as well as fighting the negative impacts of global climate change such as bark beetle calamities, wildfires or tree withering.

The new and improved version of Lesaria is on-line!
The game is now fully playable in English! We have also improved some of the parameters to reflect the current impacts of climate change that are even more challenging for players to deal with.

Take on the role of a professional forester and manage your forest so it can thrive and grow into viable and healthy ecosystem. You can also share your final score with your friends and colleagues or try to compete with the best players in the top players leaderboard!

The Lesaria game has been supported by Czech Ministry of Enviroment.
The information contained in the game does not necessarily represent the views of the Ministry.

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